April 13, 2010

Hello FREE Spa!

That's right - we got a FREE spa!

I am so excited!

A client that Kurt is working with had it and didn't want it any more so he gave it to us - - for FREE! Have I mentioned that I am SO EXCITED?!

And, of course, having a landscaper as a husband, the spa can't just be dropped in any old place in the yard so our yard is going through a slight modification. I told Kurt that we would do the work ourselves because we can't (nor can the business) afford to pay our crews to do the work. So last Friday I went to town on the sod with a pick.

Are you aware of how heavy sod is? It is extremely heavy! After the first few blows with the pick I was warn out. But I wouldn't give up. I started after dinner so thankfully it got dark quickly and I could stop for the night. I decided to let Kurt do the rest of the work with one of our tractors so that it would be easier. Saturday morning Kurt and 2 buddies left to get the spa. Did I mention it was in Stockton? (approx. 1 - 1 1/2 hours away). I kept looking at that sod thinking "I gotta get that out". So after mowing the grass (yes, I mowed the grass - front and back!), I attacked the sod again. Apparently I was in a very physical mood.

My goal was to get all the sod out by myself and, if possible, before Kurt and the guys came home. They called at 10:30 to let me know they were on their way back. Looking at what was left of the sod, I knew it was going to be close so I just kept picking. I ignored my screaming muscles and my exhausted body.

We have been watching inspirational movies with the kids lately and one of them talks about not giving up on reaching your goals. So that was my inspiration - I was not going to give up on getting that sod out. I picked my little heart out. I was so exhausted! The kids were cheering me on, bringing me water with love notes and singing to me out the upstairs window. Hailey even folded some laundry and Kayla swept the kitchen floor.

By the time the guys got here I only had a little section left (like a 2' x 2') and I had that out pretty quick. I accomplished my goal - I removed all the sod all by myself! I was so happy to achieve that!

We have the greatest friends ever! They decided to spend their Saturday helping Kurt dig out the area. Unfortunately the tractor threw a track and delayed progress for a few hours. I, of course, had to point out that I had thus far completed more work than 3 guys with a tractor! Ha ha! They thought I was so funny!

By the end of the day Kurt and I decided that it would definitely be worth having our crew finish it off. The rate we were going it would be a few months before we had the area ready. So that is what is happening today.

Hopefully by tomorrow night we will be hot tubbin'!

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Honor said...

free is always nice ... and i'm impressed on your tenacity with the sod. i would have given up for sure. go you!!