April 23, 2010

The Spa Ghost

So usually when things are free, they are free for a reason.

Kurt and I were totally aware of that fact and so it wasn't a matter of "if" something was wrong with the spa but "what".

Once we got the electrical all run and hooked up, the only thing we could figure out that was wrong was that when you turn the jets to "high", only one side works. Not a biggie. Our super smart friend diagnosed the problem as a black boxy thing (solenoid, I think) isn't sending the signal for the one pump to kick into high and you can't just by the black box, you have to buy a whole new panel - no thanks - so the rule is: if you want to be blasted by the "high" jets, you sit on the right and if you don't, you sit on the left. A simple, easy fix!

What we didn't realize was that spa also came with a ghost. A sneaky little ghost who likes to push the buttons. You will be sitting with the light on and the jets on low, then the air jets will come on, then the light will go off, then the jets kick into high, etc. It makes hot tubbin' a lot of fun!

Actually, we think it is a program that is set into the control panel and it only seems to do it if you are pushing the buttons a lot or maybe a certain button triggers it. We aren't exactly sure yet, so we just blame the ghost. It's more fun.

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B and Jessica said...

Spooky. It's a spooky spa.