April 1, 2010

They have been warned!

Yesterday I went on a cleaning frenzy! It wasn't really planned but I have been wanting to do it for a REALLY long time. I have this issue in my house: apparently I can only keep one level of my house clean at a time. If upstairs is clean, then downstairs is destroyed. If downstairs is clean, then upstairs is destroyed. This is usually how my house is: downstairs clean (that's what people see when they come over) and upstairs is like a bomb went off, and then another bomb and then another.

Only a very selected few friends have seen the destruction of our upstairs. It really has gotten out of hand lately. Between working in the mornings and doing school in the afternoons til 5 pm then dinner, etc. there has not been time for cleaning - only stashing and shoving and piling.


I went home from work yesterday and just completely got sucked into a cleaning frenzy. I started upstairs and went crazy. Every drawer was cleaned and rearranged, every closet was rearranged and vaccuumed, everything was dusted.


Today I plan on attacking the toy room. I should take a picture and show you how destroyed it is. As I was cleaning yesterday, every toy I found I just threw it in the toy room knowing I would clean it today. It is pretty bad.

So I have warned the kids that I am coming after the toy room. I should mention that when I am in a cleaning mode, I show no mercy and throw a lot of things away. The kids know this and usually panic when I come after the toy room. I told the kids that anything they want to keep should be cleaned up and put away.

What do you think the chances are of the toy room being clean when I get home?

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B and Jessica said...

Please send some of your cleaning motivation my way.