January 24, 2009

Man, was I in HOT water!

No, not that kind of hot water.

I took a bath.

A HOT bath.

Let me explain . . .

After a near mental breakdown Friday morning I decided Friday night to take a bath. I have not taken a bath in over 2 years because in the past I have had a husband, 3 kids, a dog, and numerous My Little Ponies and Barbies all trying to join me - not very relaxing. But last night the kids were in bed, Kurt was on his way home from another home show, and word had not reached the toyroom yet that a bath was happening. So I decided to indulge.

Now usually when I have taken a bath in the past I set the water to what I think is the just right temp. My body doesn't like really hot or really cold. (Yes, I am the person standing on the stairs for a half an hour trying to get into a pool - it's pathetic, I know). Anyways, what happens is that the water gets cold too fast and I end up getting out because I am cold. So last night I decided to really warm up the water. I set it for a lot hotter than I usually like because I wanted to really enjoy if for awhile. It was a bit hot and I had to slowly get in so I could adjust to the temp but I managed to get in.

Well, I was probably only in for 15 minutes and I heard Kurt come in so I decided to go downstairs with him while he ate his dinner. I sat up and realized that my head felt funny. I sat there for a minute and decided to stand up - bad idea. I managed to get out of the tub but when Kurt walked in to give me a kiss, the room was spinning. I told him that I thought I might pass out. I stumbled to the bed and fell over sideways trying to get on the bed. Kurt said that my skin was really red. I layed there on my stomach for about 30 minutes and I could feel every heart beat pulsate through my entire body. It was the weirdest thing ever!

When Kurt came up from eating his dinner, the water still hot enough for him to get in. He really likes HOT water so it must have still been really hot for him to enjoy it.

So basically I cooked myself. It took me more time to recouperate from my bath than for me to enjoy the bath.

So I think it might be another 2 years before I take a bath again! Haha!

Actually, the soaking part was really nice; just not the cooking part. I just need to turn down the temp next time!


Judie and George said...

That's what happens to me when the water is too hot! If yo uwant any kind of a soak, you almost have to get the water hot so that it stays nice for a while.

Shannon said...

What a story! I'm glad you're ok and hope you can get more moments of time for yourself.

The Olsens said...

Hi Jennifer, I thought it might be easier to answer your question on your blog. I use the Canon 40D. Lately I have been using the 50mm 1.4 lens. It has taken me lots of practice time to figure out my camera but I do have fun with it. My kids are a bit tired of my practicing on them.