January 19, 2009

Special Trip

Kurt has a lot of cousins that live back east and when we traveled back to see his brother, Jared, we would always try to see his cousins too. Well the last time we were able to go back east Hailey was about 6 months old. So it is safe to say that it has been awhile since we have seen anyone from there.

Well, one of Kurt's cousins, Wendy, has a daughter that was married on Dec. 27th in Washington DC and she married a CA boy, Ryan. We were thrilled to see that they would be having a reception here in Cali. It was down in Merced which is about 3 or 3.5 hours from here so we planned on making the trip to be there.

We took Kurt's truck because it has the navigation system in it to give us directions; so off we went. The reception was from 7-9pm so it was dark when we arrived in Merced and the church was a-ways from the freeway and the navigation system was having us make all these turns down all these roads. Then it said "you have arrived at your destination" - except we were in the middle of a neighborhood! No church in sight so we drove around for a bit looking to see if it was close by. No luck so we called Onstar. Of course to get turn-by-turn directions we would have to upgrade our package so we upgraded. They downloaded the turn-by-turn directions to the truck and we start off again only to be dropped at the same location with the "you have arrived at your destination - good bye" voice. First we laughed (this is the 2nd time this has happened to us) and then we started stressing a bit because we didn't come all this way to get lost in Merced and miss seeing everybody. Long story short (too late - sorry) by 8 pm we finally found it by driving around some more.

We loved seeing Wendy, her husband, Steve, Kurt's other cousin Brett, the bride, Ashley and her new husband, Ryan. We appreciate everyone staying a bit late to spend time with us - we wish we had more time together.

Here is a picture of everyone: us and our exhausted kids (can you tell which one had too much fruit punch?), Ashley, Ryan, Wendy, Steve and Brett.

Here is my handsome young man
(trying to be serious):
And here is the real Evan - funny boy!

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Honor said...

you can't mistake a great LDS reception (the accordian doors in the back) love it!!