January 8, 2009

Home Show Pics

First off, I was so excited - I finally got my hands on the camera, got the pictures downloaded and could now post them. . . except our Christmas pictures are not even on this camera - urgh! Now I have to start my search looking for the other camera that apparently we had on Christmas day. It is probably in one of the guys trucks - so my hunt begins.

Anyways, on this camera we have pictures of the home show that Kurt just finished up. The pictures just don't do it justice - especially since the lighting in there was awful so the color is kind of wierd. Kurt kept playing with the settings so all the pictures have different hues to them but hopefully you get the idea.

Here they are:
This shot is looking all the way through the booth -
it goes all the way to the fireplace and the big green trees.

This is the water feature that Kurt did. Everyone loves his water features - they are like magnets and draw the people in.

The fireplace.

Looking in at the BBQ.

Hopefully I will find the other camera soon and get some Christmas photos posted before summer gets here!!!

1 comment:

Judie and George said...

WOW! It looks absolutely beautiful! We are big, big HGTV watchers, and are always thinking about what we can do to make our house look better. This just looks great.