January 13, 2009

Ahhh . . . the camera!

Man alive! You have no idea what I have been through to be able to blog again. I thought I had the right camera, turned out to be the wrong one. Then I found the right camera but could not find the cable to download the pics to the computer. Finally found the cable but Kurt took the camera to work again - but finally, finally I have downloaded the pictures. So be for-warned; this could possibly turn into a long post trying to catch up with photos.
Our attemps at a Gingerbread House
Christmas Morning:
Sister Love
Daddy's helicopter
Kurt has always wanted a remote control helicopter and he is having such a great time flying it in the house. He is getting so good at flying it - we don't have to duck for cover quite so much anymore! Ha ha - actually he is getting really good and starting to perform manuevers.
He shoots . . . He scores!
He made all 4 of his first 4 shots!
Our little future mommy. Hailey loves baby dolls and
she does such a great job taking care of them
that we thought she could handle twins!
Uncle Paul's new camera

Happy kids on Christmas!
What more could parents ask for?

We had our friends over for dinner and for Christmas they had received a train cake mold. They were so thoughtful as to make one for the kids to decorate. It kind of went like this: put 2 candies on the train, eat 1 candy off the train, put 2 candies on the train, eat 1 candy off the train - but hey, at least they were making progress. It turned out so cute!

Well, I will have to post more later. I really should go and help the girls with their homework - I guess that is more important than blogging! Haha!

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