July 6, 2016

Yellowstone Adventures - Day #4

Wednesday, June 15th

After our late night the night before, I knew my kids (and Kurt and myself too) needed a day of rest. We were completely wiped out! If we had another full day like Monday, we were going to seriously fall apart so I told the Mickelsen's that they could go back into Yellowstone if they wanted but that we needed some down time. They agreed that they needed some rest too so we decided to have a nice relaxing morning. I did all our laundry and got things reorganized in the trailer. After a few days of camping the trailer starts getting out of control and it drives me nuts so it was really nice to regroup and get things back under control. 

One of the items on the Mickelsen's bucket list for this trip was to go horseback riding so we thought this would be a great day to do that. We planned to go later that morning so we packed up lunch foods and headed to the ranch. We had a picnic lunch before the riders took off. 

Our cute little cowgirl!

Kurt and Dandy

Hailey and Buster

Evan and Scooter

Evan had a great time with his horse's name. 
"Wow, look how my Scooter goes over those rocks"
"I don't even have to push my Scooter along"
I'm sure you can imagine all the funny "scooter" comments a 10 year old boy could come up with!

Everyone is ready to ride!

We knew Trevor wasn't old enough to ride a horse so we planned for the 2 of us to hang out at the ranch and wait for the others to return. It was pretty fun to people watch and horse watch.

When they had a quiet moment, they let T ride a horse just around the grounds. A cowboy lead him around several times and T just loved it! Definitely made it worth sitting there for 2 hours waiting for our group to return!

Trevor and Tony

 Trevor also made friends with the boy that was helping all the cowboys. He was such a cute kid and they had fun playing games together.

Pictures from the trail ride in the Grand Teton National Park:

You can faintly see the Tetons in the background.

They all had a great time and I think the kids will still say this was their favorite part of the trip. Definitely needs to go back on our to-do list again!

Beautiful Wyoming views during the drive back to camp

Marty's parents had arrived while we were at the ranch. We came back and bbq'd tri-tip and shrimp for dinner and relaxed. It was a great day and just what we needed to re-energize for the rest of the trip.

Marty's parents brought a super fun candy game. It was a memory game that they created and you had to match the name of the candy with the description that they created for the candy. You earned the candy that you were able to match to it's description. It was super fun and a great idea!

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