July 5, 2016

Yellowstone Adventures - Day #3

Tuesday, June 14th

When we were planning this trip a few months ago, we made our reservations a little late and the campsite in West Yellowstone was booked the rest of the week so we couldn't stay there past Tuesday morning. The Chuggs had a family reunion to go to so they had to be home on Tuesday but the Mickelsens and us decided we wanted to stay longer so we needed to find another place to stay. The Chuggs wanted us to go to Bar J Chuckwagon in Wilson, Wyoming (close to Jackson) on Tuesday night. Since we were going to be down near Jackson, we decided to get a campsite near the South Entrance and explore the southern part of the park the rest of the week. So Tuesday was moving day. We packed up the trailers and headed south.

We got lucky because Tuesday was a rainy, rainy day and wouldn't have been good for hiking around in Yellowstone. It worked perfectly though for being in the trucks driving south. We seriously got so lucky!

We drove through Teton National Park - just beautiful! 

Then just a little bit later, we could hardly see the mountains because of the rain storm. 

We got to our new campsite (in Moran, WY), set up the trailers and then headed to Jackson to spend some time before the show started. Trevor fell asleep on the way there so I stayed in the truck with him while the others explored Jackson. Looks like I missed out on some fun stuff! (Although, my cat-nap wasn't so bad either).

This park had these antler entrances on the 4 corners. Pretty fun!

They all stopped and got some ice cream.

And took a picture with a moose.

Kurt took Kayla into some art museums and they met a sculptor there. He was super cool and Kayla talked to him about art and he actually gave her a huge chunk of clay to keep. She worked that clay the rest of the trip. It is still a work in progress in her room.

Then we headed to the Bar J. We had some fun taking picture before the show started.

Our crazy table!

The show was hilarious! They were so funny and they were also amazing musicians! It really was a great show! I would highly recommend it to anyone that visits the area!

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