July 30, 2016

T turns 5!!!!!

I can't believe my baby turned 5. How did that happen?

Oh, and by the way, don't let him know I called him my "baby." Oh man! He does NOT like to be called the baby of the family. He is a BIG BOY all the way!

T is such a fun little guy. He wants to be just like Evan and to do EVERYTHING that Evan does. Which is a good thing. Evan is a great kid and I love that T looks up to him so much!

T and his birthday breakfast - yum!

We usually just do a small party for him at that house. He hasn't really had a BIG party and this year he decided he wanted one. Apparently he is old enough now to realize that other kids have big parties and he wanted one too. Last year Evan went to SkyZone and T loved it. I tried to convince him to go to Bounce U because it is geared for younger kids but he did not want that - he wanted the "big boy bounce place" so back to SkyZone we went.

His favorite part of of SkyZone is the foam pit that he calls "the blocks." That was what he really wanted to do for his birthday was to jump in the blocks. Well his wish came true.

Let the bouncing begin!

Then it was into the birthday room for pizza, soda, cupcakes and presents.

This boy cracks me up. I have no idea what is up with him and his tongue. He sticks it out when he is embarrassed or excited or something. I don't know. Funny kid!

Everyone signed his t-shirt.

 I think he enjoyed his party!

On the way home we had to stop and get our free slurpees at 7-11.

That night Papa, Karen and Uncle Bryan came over for dinner. And there were more presents too!

Uncle Bryan always does the funniest things. He is amazing at picking out funny cards so he got T a monkey card and when you pulled out the monkey, a whole bunch of loud monkey squakings played! Oh boy, did T LOVE that card! We have had monkeys screaming for weeks around here! He also, boxed T's gift in several boxes so every time he opened a box, there was a smaller box inside, and then a smaller box. T thought that was pretty funny!

Happy birthday to my baby BIG boy! We love you so much and you bring so much joy, happiness and laughs into our home. We love you to pieces!

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