July 29, 2016

Where has summer gone?

Summer is just flying by for us. I can't even believe it. 

I had big plans for this summer. My kids were going to get up every morning and go for a walk, read, work on math facts, do chores, etc. We were going to be productive and stay on top of keeping their brains sharp.

It hasn't happened. 

Not even once.

But we have had a lot of fun so hopefully it's the thought that counts for something, right?

Two little snuggle buggies.

The big news this summer is that Trevor learned how to put his face in the water and jump into a swimming pool. The boy hates water on his face. I mean hates! And I don't believe in using the word "hate." We use dislike or something else but in this case, it is a very adequate word for how T feels about water on his face. Baths have always been a struggle with him. He needs a towel right by the bathtub and wipes his face all the time!

All it took was his cousin, Jac Jac, using his goggles and jumping in the pool and all of the sudden he got it. The goggles cover his eyes and nose and he finally saw that they protect his face from the water. Once he saw her doing it, he started doing it right away. Now he is a jumping maniac!

Now if we could only get him to take those floaties off and try swimming. Maybe that will be next summers big news.

Hailey has had a summer job this year where she watches our friend's kids one day a week at our house. It works out great because it gives my kids someone to play with too. They have a great time together!

Just chillin' together!

We have been go, go, go this summer. The kids got out of school and the next week we went to Yellowstone, we got back and the next week Evan had Twilight Camp, he also had a summer math/science camp that I signed him up for that ran 2 weeks, then it was 4th of July and Hailey went to girls camp for a week, then T's birthday, then we had 1 calm week and then it was packing up for our last camping trip (from just this week - post to come), we now have one week to regroup from that trip and next week our cousins come to stay with us for a week and then school starts!

So seriously, where has summer gone?

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