July 18, 2016

Twilight Camp

Our pack went the week of June 13th but we were in Yellowstone so our boys couldn't go. Luckily they were offering 2 different weeks so we could go the 2nd week. Our 2 boys were the only ones from our pack to go that week so either Lorraine or I had to be with them every night. We tag-teamed it and each went 2 nights.

Evan and Nik

Here are some of the fun things they did:


Shooting bb guns


I am so glad I didn't go on snake night - ugh! They creep me out!

Water games

Fun pictures!

Building a trick book

Love this little scout of mine!

Compass work

9 Square in the Air
I think this was the favorite of the boys. Kind of a mix of 4 square and volleyball. You had to hit the ball over the pipe to another player.

They had a blast!

Evan as the "King." If you made it all the way to the center square, you were the king and got to start the game.

Nik as the "King."

Soccer games 
Ok, this was funny. You can't see Evan in this picture but you can see Nik stretching on the left side. Our 2 boys were the only ones stretching and preparing for the game. The other boys didn't really have an interest in playing soccer. Our boys were super serious about this game and were playing hard core on the field. It was funny. They were all over the place. You could tell these 2 have played soccer together the last few years. They had some good team work going on out there.

Making goop.

Helping with the flag at the end of the night.

We got to be part of retiring a flag. That was a cool ceremony to experience.

I can't believe this was Evan's last year at Twilight Camp. In September he turns 11 and will move on to 11 year old scouts and then at 12 onto Boy Scouts! How is time going this fast?!

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