October 7, 2011

Amazing Changes

Unless you have seen Kayla in one of her melt-downs or seen her cower in fear, you can not appreciate the amazing changes that are happening in her. They truly are unbelievable!

This child would run from any, and I mean ANY, unnecessary attention. She does not like to be in front of people. She does not like to be in the spot light. She definitely does not like to step anywhere near the edge of her comfort zone, let alone, out of her box.

But do you know what she is doing today?

She is running for a position at school to be her classroom representative in the student body. In order to do that, she has to give a speech. In front of her class.

Holy Moly! Where did this child come from?

Last night she was in tears worrying about it and trying to decide if she felt brave enough to do it. Kurt and I both encouraged her but let her know it was ok if she didn't want to. Kayla and I said an extra prayer before bed saying that she decided she did want to go for it and asking for help for her to feel brave and strong today so she could give her speech.

She woke up this morning with such strength and determination. She wrote her speech, practiced and went to school happy as could be.

I am still sitting here in shock. This child has done a complete 180 and it is such an amazing thing to witness. I am in awe. I know that Heavenly Father is helping her so much and He is with her today as she completely jumps out of her box. He is there to catch her and hold her up, if needed. I am so blessed to be her mom and get a first row seat at the miraculous workings of our God.

So, whether she wins the position or not, it doesn't matter. She has already won a much bigger and better prize!

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Truman Family said...

Way to go Kayla. We are cheering you on. - Your Truman cousins