October 19, 2011

Adventures in Exercising

"Thinking Time"
So running/walking gives one a lot of time to think. It is wonderful. I can actually have full and complete thoughts without being interrupted a million times. Awesome! So I think and ponder and laugh at myself. It's a great time. I think of all these wonderful blogs that I want to post. All these funny stories to tell. And then I get home and either one of two things happens: 1) I don't have time or 2) I can't remember anything I wanted to post or any funny things I thought of. So frustrating! So this morning I used my phone to jot down thoughts. And here they are:

"The Glowing Chest"
I take my phone with me when I exercise so I can listen to music. The first day I put it in the waist of my elastic exercise pants. Worked good until I ran and then it wanted to slide down my leg. The second day I thought I would put it in my sports bra because that would hold it tighter. Which it did. But what I forgot was that when you start the music, the screen doesn't go off by itself. It stays lit. So I head for the door to leave and Kurt goes "hey hon? Um, we don't really want to be drawing attention to those." I looked down to see my chest glowing. Ha ha ha! We got a good laugh and I turned the screen off. Luckily he caught me before I left the house.

"Protector Dog"
I started taking our dog with me for added protection. We live in a good area but I go at 5:30 or 6 am and it is dark so Kurt wanted me to take the dog with me. The first morning that darn dog jumped and growled at everything and kept glancing behind us. Scared the hibbie-gibbies out of me. What a watch dog! Not sure if he was just being super observant and protective (probably unlikely) or was scared himself (more likely) but he was definitely putting me on edge. So much for feeling safer! Hopefully his size will be intimidating enough; although, this morning he seemed much braver and tougher.

"Breaks, breaks and more breaks"
Taking the dog leads to a lot of breaks. Gotta pee on this. Gotta pee on that. Oh! Look! The sprinklers are on at that house! I must get in the water! (Remember, he is a lab). Geesh! Not getting much exercise done with him around. So I started walking in the middle of the road. Nothing for him to sniff, pee on or play in and sounds safe doesn't it? Well, actually it is. Nobody is up and moving that early in the morning and if they are their head lights let me know they are coming way before they get to me. (And I am talking about our neighborhood streets, not the main busy streets.)

"Sympathy for Mac"
This morning I had a hard time getting out of bed. The last few nights I haven't gotten full nights of sleep (Trevor has been sleeping all night but the last few he has been waking up again. It really throws a body off when it is used to sleeping all night again). So as I dragged myself out of bed and walked down the streets of my sleepy neighborhood, I stared at all the dark houses and it made me feel like Mac on Lighting McQueen. You know, when he is passing the truck stop seeing all those sleeping trucks and McQueen is urging him to continue on to CA. I longed to crawl back into my own bed. But just like Mac, I continued on. Luckily I had upbeat music to keep me awake and no one switched it to sleepy music.

"My Second Line of Defense"
So, like I said, I take the dog. My number one reason for not wanting to take him? You guessed it - picking up the dooty. Really? We have to do this every time? Doesn't matter how long I put him out before we go, he will have to go on the walk. Urgh! But this morning as I walked the neighborhood with my dog in one hand and his full dooty bag in the other, I discovered that it might actually be helpful if one is attacked. If the attacker can manage to get passed my first line of defense (aka: scaredy-cat dog) then he will have me and the dooty bag to deal with. I imagined myself using it like nun chucks, swinging it around and scaring off any attacker.

And this is where I laughed at myself.

Good times, my friends, good times!

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Forever Green said...

Jenn, I love you! You're so awesome!