October 11, 2011

Me? Exercise? Are you crazy?

Apparently I am. Here is why:

Probably a little over a year ago, a friend of mine wanted a running buddy so she started asking around, put fliers in her kids classes and, I think, asked on Facebook. She was hoping to get 2-3 interested people in hopes of actually getting 1-2 running buddies.

She didn't get 1.

She didn't get 2.

She didn't get 3.

She got 80.
As in 8-0.

So she did what any sane person would do - she became a leader of an 80 member running group. And she has done an amazing job! She majored in physical fitness and was totally capable of taking on this monumental project. They had an amazing year last year and are continuing on this year.

Well, I have always wanted to be a runner but there is just something about it that I don't like. Oh, that's right - it's the running part. I'm not a runner. I sprinted through Sam's Club the other day because I forgot something in the back of the store and Kurt was loading things on the belt to pay. I about died. Ok, not really. But I definitely felt out of shape.

Last year I had the perfect excuse as to why I couldn't join her group - I was prego. Sweet. Easy out! Nice!

This year? . . . Still thinking . . . Hold on . . . Almost got one . . . Oh nuts! I got nothing. So I joined up! AHHHHHHHH! What am I thinking! I am crazy. But I am totally excited!

They are not hard core runners. The group ranges from 13 - 60 something year olds. Some only walk. Some only run. And everyone else in somewhere in the middle. She said everyone that has joined up has thought they couldn't do it but found that they could. It sounds like a great program that her and her friend, a doctor, have created. Training officially starts in January but right now is just getting in routine of exercising/walking/jogging. They have a schedule on their website: http://pacificcoasters.wordpress.com/

I think she said the only people who have stopped did so because they got pregnant. So then, of course, we teased that the only way out is to have a baby. So by this time next year I will either be running a marathon or having a baby, depending on how training goes. Either way, it's bound to be an interesting year!

Come be crazy with me! Either you'll get in shape or have a baby. Good deal either way =)

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B and Jessica said...

Good luck! I'm jealous, I can't wait until I can run again. When I haven't done it for a long time at first it's hard, in fact I feel a little sick...but after a week or so it makes me feel good. And it's such a good mental release. I'm excited for you!