March 1, 2011


I have failed to congratulate the arrivals of our family/friends babies as they have arrived. So . . .

Congratulations to Brian and Lisa on the arrival of Carter Jack on January 10th! He is absolutely adorable.

Congratulations to Kerrie and Mitch on the arrival of Ty on January 31st!


Congratulations to Tommy and Brittany on the arrival of Kennedy Noel THIS MORNING at 2 am!! We heard it was a crazy delivery - Kennedy is 4 weeks early - but at last report mommy and baby were recovering nicely. We will continue to keep them in our prayers that everything will continue to go smoothly.

It is so exciting to see all these new little babies join the world!


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B and Jessica said...

Hey Jennifer! It was fun hanging out at the park the other day! Remember to let me know how I can help with Rebecca's shower. I can do invites, decorations, food...whatever.