March 20, 2011

Family Fun

This weekend we were lucky to have Jared here visiting for a bit. He has a seminar this week in Tahoe and so he was able to fly out a bit early to spend time with his CA family. We didn't get to see Jared for about 6 years and then in the last year we have been able to see him 3 times. It has been fun to spend time with our VA family. He flew into Reno, which is about 1.5 - 2 hours from our house. Unfortunately, he picked a very stormy weekend to come and it took him 5 hours to make the drive. We are so grateful for his willingness to make the crazy, snowy drive and especially grateful for his safe travel!

He arrived at about 6 pm Friday and we spent the evening with April, Margo and her family. Then Saturday we spent the day together too. Even though Margo is so close, we hadn't seen them in awhile to it was nice to catch up with everyone. Then this morning (Sunday) Jared made another crazy, scary, snowy trip to Tahoe. I think Jared has had his fill of snow driving for awhile.

And wouldn't you know it - I didn't get one picture of everyone together. What a slacker I am!

* * * * * * * * * * *

About 2 weeks ago we took a family drive. Kurt had found this road a few years ago and we hadn't traveled it since so we thought we would explore it again. Kurt remembered it having a lot of waterfalls so we thought this would be a good time to go. And it did not disappoint.

The waterfalls were right off the side of the road.

Kayla did her usual protest of not wanting to go but, as usual, as soon as we got there, she had a great time! And she got ahold of the camera and took a picture of every single drop of water she saw! It was so cute. And we got a ton of photos. Here are a few:

Then at one spot we found a cave to go in. At first the kids were hesitant but once Daddy went in and proved it safe, the rest of us followed. It was a lot bigger than we thought and went a ways back in. The beginning part had a low ceiling and so we had to hunch over to walk through. After a little bit, my back and abdomen muscles started screaming "hello . . . remember we have an extra 15 pounds hanging out front?" and so I turned around and sat out front. Farther into the tunnel, the ceiling rose up and Kurt could walk upright.

At one point you have to cross the river on this really old bridge. It is kind of a funny bridge because it moves so it is kind-of scary but we made it across no problem.

We took a trail down to the river. The kids found stacks of rocks piled up and wanted to make their own stacks.

More water:
Family Picture:
We came out through Foresthill where there was snow. The kids were dying to play in it. It lasted about 2 seconds since the girls had on flip flops but at least they got to touch it.
Gotta love having family fun!


Judie and George said...

This looks like so much fun. The scenery is just beautiful. And you are looking beautiful too. Your little baby tummy is so cute!

Melissa said...

Yankee Jim road??? We took our engagement pictures there.