March 25, 2011

Sometimes Life is Hard . . . But Keep Counting Your Blessings

Ok, so I won't lie - life is hard right now. Really hard. It seems like most of my "worlds" are out of control, I am not sleeping good (as you can tell by these 2 posts being at 3 and 4 am - I've been up since 2) and feel like I am just barely hanging on. (I am actually doing better than that sounded). I am trying to remain positive and not get depressed or overwhelmed or completely lose my mind and I am doing this by counting my blessings. When I start to get upset (like today in the middle of the produce department), I start listing the things I am thankful for and it really helps. So here are some of my blessings:

1. First I am grateful for my amazing mom. She is the best mom - always loving and kind. Anyone who has ever met her has loved her. She is an amazing role model for me and a huge blessing in my life. (See next post for an update on her).

2. Heavenly Father - I know He is there for me. I know all my strength is coming from Him. I am so thankful that He is aware of me and my life and my needs. I know that all these blessings have come from Him and I am truly grateful!!

3. My husband - wow! I can't even tell you what a great husband I have. He is always there for me. Holds me when I need to cry, motivates me when I need to be motivated, makes me laugh (even when I really don't want to). He truly is my sanity right now.

4. My amazing kids. I honestly have to say that I think I have the best, most amazing kids. Sorry - they're all mine. =) These kids are such troopers! They have had a frazzled mom lately and what do they do? They are always saying: "mom, what can I do to help?" or "mom, look what I did without you even asking me!" or "mom, I just want to hug you." Truly awesome kids!

5. Trevor - he is such a huge blessing. I have to say that honestly, since I am not sick anymore, I forget all the time that I am pregnant. With so much going on, I just forget. That is until my body starts hurting and telling me I am doing too much or when he starts kicking and squirming. Then I put my hand on my stomach and tell him how much I love him, how much he is wanted and how special he is.

6. My immune system - When the girls were so sick I just kept praying "please don't let me get sick" and I didn't. Such a huge blessing. And now, Evan is getting sick (hopefully just a regular cold) and I keep praying the same thing, "please don't let me get sick." And so far, my immune system is winning (knock on wood!). I am so thankful for a healthy body.

7. Work - so while this is also a huge source of stress, I am so thankful for the jobs we have right now. Kurt has signed 8-9 jobs in the last 2 weeks. HUGE BLESSINGS - every single one of them! We both know this and we are both extremely thankful.

8. Food - sure there are more take out containers in my fridge right now than left over tupperware ones but I am thankful for the food that we have to eat. I am thankful for the fruit and veggies that I have to eat. This was a hard one because all I want to eat right now is junk but I am very blessed to have healthy, fresh produce in my fridge that I can eat any time I want.

These are just some of my blessings. I am getting tired again - it is almost 5 am now - so I should go back to bed. I feel better having (once again) listed some blessings.

Thank you Heavenly Father for these and all the other blessings in my life!


Melissa said...

I love you guys and your mom so much. I'm so sorry you're going through this right now. It's so good for you to be able to see your blessings, that is a blessing in itself.

The Gardener said...

We have a different set of trials but very similar blessings. We love you.