March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day and our past week

The joys of having older sisters that put funny things on you in stores!
Good thing he's a good sport!

I tured 24 weeks yesterday and I swear my stomach has popped out in the last week. I bump it on everything! All of the sudden it just seems to be in my way all the time.
I gained 5 pounds this last month. This is definitely going to be my heaviest pregnancy. Usually I loose weight at the beginning and they tell me to eat, eat, eat. Not this time. From the very beginning (even though I felt so horrible) I have gained the exact amount I was suppose to every month. Except last, when I gained 5 instead of 4. Oh well.

Our last week has been filled with this:
And lots of this:
And this:
Last Thursday Hailey came down with 103.5 fever. She ran between 102 - 104.2 til Sunday when it went away. Then it came back Monday afternoon. I took her to the dr. and the dr. thought she was starting to develop pneumonia so they put her on antibiotics. She is doing much better now. Kayla started the fever late Sunday and has been down ever since. Her fever broke last night at 11 pm and (FINGERS CROSSED, KNOCK ON WOOD) hasn't come it back. Hopefully we are at the tail end of this nasty bug!

So for the last week, Evan and I have been house bound. The office had to move home so I could still work so our dining room became the office:
I kept Evan home from preschool all week because he had a slightly stuffy nose and I was afraid he was getting sick and would carry the germs to school. The poor boy is going crazy at home. He created a "surfboard/skateboard" yesterday that kept him entertained for awhile.
This is where I drew the line:
And let's not forget poor Cody. With 2 of his playmates out of commission, the poor dog is getting a little bored too. Yesterday he wouldn't leave me alone. He just kept begging me to play.
So that has been our week. I am so thankful that Evan, Kurt and I have managed to stay healthy. FINGERS CROSSED, KNOCK ON WOOD
Hopefully we stay that way!

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