April 28, 2009

You know you are sick when . . .

. . . you spend all night tossing and turning trying to find a position you can breathe in

. . . you wake up and one eye is crusted closed

. . . you don't wear eye make up for 3 days (including going to church) and you really don't care

. . . you put the OJ away and you put it in the cup cupboard

. . . you yell upstairs for the kids to come down and you sound like a hurt bird

. . . you sit down on the couch to watch TV with your sick 3 year old and 2 hours fly by

. . . microwaving left over spaghetti for lunch sounds like too much work

. . . it takes you 3 times to log into your blogger account because you can't remember your password

Ya, I say it is about time for me to go lay down again! I really don't like being sick! Maybe more ice cream pie would make me feel better!

1 comment:

emily :) said...

I vote for ice cream pie! ...and a nice long nap...and no laundry or dishes! I hear that makes your particular condition much worse! ;)