April 21, 2009

And the birthday girl is . .


It’s my birthday! I LOVE my birthday. Birthdays are so magical - you get to use magical phrases on your birthday that don’t work any other day of the year. Phrases like:

"No fighting, it’s my birthday"

"No whining, it’s my birthday"

"No fussing, it’s my birthday"

And my personal favorite: "Ya, know, it IS my birthday". This one gets me out of dishes, laundry, getting up when “I’m done” is heard from the bathroom, cooking, cleaning refereeing fights and many other things. Plus it allows me to blog whenever I want and how ever much I want because “ya, know, it is my birthday”.

I have had a great day so far:

I got up and finally ran on my treadmill. I have wanted a treadmill from my parents that they just don’t use anymore but Kurt didn’t want because he didn’t think that I would really use it. So I have been bugging him and bugging him for months now and finally on Saturday he picked it up for me because, ya know, it is my birthday =) So today I finally had time to run on it. I had to cut my time short on it because I didn’t want to die on my birthday, not this year at least, and I wanted to give my heart a chance to climb back into my chest. It became quite apparent to me how out of shape I truly am. But in my defense, the treadmill is set to the highest elevation level so basically I was plowing up hill the whole time (I have got to figure out how to change that before tomorrow!)

Kurt got me my favorite breakfast - fresh strawberries, delicious raspberries, plump, juicy blackberries and, of course, chocolate donut holes (my all time weakness). I packed on all the calories that I had just burned off while running. But wait, calories don’t count on your birthday, right?

I went to work for a little bit and April had a wonderful surprise for me on my desk - a beautiful ivy plant with very pretty ribbons on it. So cute!

A friend stopped by the office to give me some tulips.

Went to lunch with Kurt, April and Evan.

Hailey sang me a wonderful birthday song - she is our song maker-upper - absolutely adorable!

And now, April is going to watch the kids for us so Kurt can take me out tonight! (Have I mentioned how much we LOVE having April and Rick so close?)

It has been a GREAT DAY! I just love my birthday. It is just a truly magical day. I wish it could last forever! Maybe I can get as good as Kurt and work up to "ya know, it is my birth month".


Paul White said...

hope you the best!!!

enjoy the rest of the day!!!

Truman Family said...

Happy Birthday!
Truman Family!

emily :) said...

Happy Birthday!! :) It's my birthday month too! The 8th was mine...yes, I think we should really milk it, and claim it is our birthday month ;)