April 18, 2009

buzz, buzz, CHOP, CHOP

Big changes have been occurring in our house this week.

First, Evan's hair has been in a serious need of a good buzzing since the beginning of March (I only know how to buzz, not cut, so he gets buzzed every couple of weeks).  I was very excited when I heard that our ward was going to have an Enrichment night in April on cutting boy hair - YES! Finally, something other than a buzz cut. So we waited and waited and didn't buzz him so I could attempt to give him an actual hair cut after the lesson. Unfortunately the lesson was cancelled - now what do I do? Buzz him and call it good or try to wait it out until they rescheduled the class? I tried to wait but the buzzers were a callin'! So buzz, buzz . . .

Not too bad if I do say so myself. 
(It is just a good thing that you can't see the back or sides of his head in the photo!)

Then Kayla has been asking to get her hair cut all week. Ok, cut is an understatement - She wanted to get it CHOPPED (so she could donate it)! So this morning I took her somewhere to have it professional CHOPPED. I can trim but I didn't trust myself to chop and get it even. So here we go: CHOP, CHOP

(Can you tell how excited she was?!)
We donated the hair to a foundation that makes wigs.  As it would happen, my mom was in for treatment as Kayla donated such a wonderful gift so the first person we went to see was Grammy!

Isn't she just adorable?! What a special girl - we are so proud of her!

* * * * * * * * * * 

While Kayla and I were getting her hair CHOPPED, the weirdest thing happened - Kurt cleaned out our garage and found our boat. Who knew that was hiding under all that stuff? And to top if off, it started! Wohoo! 

We are going to spend the evening on the lake with our friends. Kayla was so happy and said the cutest thing: "I hope nothing goes wrong because this is the best day of my life"

Words to a mothers ears!

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emily :) said...

I love reading how things are going with you guys! I just have to say that Kayla's haircut is darling! Also ironic that we cleaned our garage this last weekend and found things we didn't know we still had! ;) One of these days I will have to travel with my husband to Oakland (he travels there for work about every other month), and while Brian is working, I could come visit you guys! How far are you from Oakland?