April 15, 2009

Hailey's self diagnosis

This isn't on my list but is today's adventure:

Hailey has been complaining of tummy aches for a bit now. It started at bedtime so Daddy would lay with her and rub her tummy. We started thinking that it was an excuse to get more attention or to not go to bed so then we tried to not make a big deal about it.

Then she started complaining at school so I took her to the doctor. So there we were at the dr.s office (yes, I made Kurt go with me) and we were trying to explain to the dr. what had been going on and Hailey was bouncing off the walls. The dr. looked at us like we were crazy (which is exactly why I wanted Kurt to go with me - I wanted back up that I wasn't an overreactive mom). So 2 dr. appts and labs later he thinks she is just going through a phase of wanting more attention. This is, after all, our dramatic child - the child who needs all wounds wrapped up and elevated on a pillow, loves getting shots, loves taking medicine and sang and giggled the whole time she got stitches in her forehead so we have just been trying to give her extra attention and wait her out. (We are totally open to suggestions or ideas - is it middle child syndrome? Or ???)

Well, today the school called me again. Hailey was in the office with a tummy ache. This usually happens when there is a substitute, which there was today, because her teacher knows that if she redirects her, Hailey will happily and eagerly go onto the next activity. So off to the school I went. I talked with Hailey in the office and told her that if she came home she would have to stay on the couch the rest of the day and couldn't play. She said her tummy hurt enough to come home so I took her home.

She laid on the couch for a total of 5 minutes (literally!) and then declared she was all better. Urgh this child! When I asked her what or why she thought her tummy hurt and why it was better all of the sudden, this is what she said:

"Well, I guess I am allergic to substitute teachers"

Ahhh, now why couldn't the dr. figure that out?! Don't they have a test for that?

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Melissa said...

That's awesome! Delaney is allergic to strangers sitting next to her.