April 14, 2009

The Hazards of Kite Flying

So Evan was just dying for his very own kite today after flying sissy's kites last night. This afternoon Kurt and Evan went and bought him is very own SpiderMan kite and off to the park we went again. What a proud and excited little boy! 

Well, unfortunately this time the kites were flying directly into the sun. I'm convinced that piercing rays penetrated my eye balls and made direct contact with my brain - I have a killer headache! I have somehow managed to pull a dinner together despite the fact that Kurt is not home, we have jumped back into the whole homework routine and the girls decided to do an art project and my kitchen was completely buried under paint, paint brushes, markers, paper, sparkly pom-pom balls, sparkly butterfly stickers (and all their backings), glue and whatever else they managed to find in the cupboard. Let's just say the kids had a great time! (which is actually translation for the kitchen was destroyed) =) All in all, it has been a very fun day.

I would take a pain reliever but I have this whole problem with pills that is a whole other topic; which leads me to my next point - I am in a total blogging, talking, blabbering mood. Usually I try to blog at night after the kids are in bed but before I collapse and pass out (doesn't happen too often as you can see from the lack of blogs). If, by some miracle, I do make it to the computer to blog, I have usually forgotten what I wanted to blog about so I have come up with a solution - I started a list and I will be picking a topic from that list, possibly daily, to blog about until I run out of things to say. So be prepared for an onslot (?) of blogs probably followed by total silence! This should be interesting!

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