January 12, 2016

Snow Trip

We made plans with Kaulana and Michelle to go to the snow the day after Christmas. Apparently everyone else had the same idea because the roads were packed and traffic moved so slow. We were so excited to finally see snow!

All the usual sledding places were packed! Like traffic was backed up onto the freeway for the exits. It was NUTS! We decided to try to just pull off on an exit and see if we could find somewhere to play. We finally found a spot. Our kids couldn't get out of the car fast enough!

T-man all bundled up!

 Hailey and a giant snow ball!

Ready, aim, fire!

Evan found some icicles. 

T wanted one too!

This is Jaclyn. Isn't she beautiful!

Kaulana and Maddie

Hailey making a snow angel.

Jac Jac following suit!

Kaulana, Michelle and their sweet kiddos!

Maddie playing on the kids snowboard.

Teens and their selfies!

Me and Evan.

Kurt was there too but apparently we didn't get him in any pictures. Whoopsies! We only last about 30 minutes in the snow before the younger kids were cold but it was still a really fun day!

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