January 8, 2016

Hailey's dance recital

December 19th

Hailey decided this summer that she wanted to do a dance class so we signed her up with Upstage. She has friends who do it too so it came highly recommended. She was super excited for the recital! She loved all the costumes! She had 4 dances so she got 4 costumes! Her favorite were the ones that twirled up when she spun, typical girl!

This was her first costume. This was before the show started.

I didn't get a picture of her 2nd costume because she changed out of it before I could get back stage at intermission. 

This was her favorite dress. It was very flowy and spun so nicely. We were able to take these pictures with her at intermission.

She is just growing up way to fast! She is such a fun girl - always bubbly and happy and smiley.

Well . . . almost always!

This was her last dance. The others I filmed for her but this one I decided to try to get some pictures.

This is the whole dance school. They did a great job. I hope that she continues with dance. It was fun watching the oldest kids (high schoolers) perform. It would be really neat to she her do those dances some day.

Way to go Hailey!

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