January 10, 2016

Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas!

We weren't very good at taking pictures this year but here is what we got.

At our church Christmas party they had a kids room set up for them to take pictures with Santa. Our kids wanted nothing to do with sitting with the man in red but afterwards they were more than happy to check out the sleigh and take some brotherly pictures.

For Christmas Eve we went to some friends house for dinner. Evan came to us with this awesome lego creation. He wanted it documented so here it is.

Christmas morning was a nice and quiet. My brother came up to have breakfast with us and watch the kids open presents.

Legos are always a favorite!

We got Cooper a few gifts. He caught on very quickly on how to unwrap them. He had a great time tearing the paper up. He then took it upon himself to tear apart all packing boxes too. 

It really helped to minimize the space the boxes would have taken up in the garbage.


The girls are getting older and harder to shop for. This year they mostly just wanted money. Money as a gift isn't very fun though so we got them a few things (like a book, an outfit, etc) but they also got money. Uncle Bryan got them some money too. He came in with 60 ones and thew them in the air and the kids went after them. It was fun. They were happy campers!

 Nerf guns are always a favorite too! Although we all have to take cover around when this little man has the gun!

We went to my dad's for Christmas dinner and the kids opened some gifts there too.

Ninja Turtle legos!

Although this is the new and improved Simon. Not only do you have to remember the order of the colors but you also have to remember the side of the color that was touched (there are 2 sides in each color) and sometimes it does a swipe action across the color. Too much for my brain these days. Just more evidence that the kids these days are way more advanced!

Karen's daughter, Lorraine, has a daughter, Payton. She is 2 and just adorable! When dessert was served Payton came over and climbed up into my lap. She is just too cute!

Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends!

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