July 14, 2013

The Story of Trevor and His Broken Arm

Trevor is our first child to break anything. We kept all the kids safe and unbroken for 12.5 years but leave it to Trevor to break {literally} our record in under 2 years of his life.

Honestly, we don't know exactly when he broke it. It could have been either of 2 falls he had in one night. I think it was the first but you just never know these things sometimes. Here's how it all started:

Monday, July 1st I was cleaning the house because Kurt's cousin, Roger, and his family were coming to visit us. While I was in the toy room, Trevor kept climbing up on the end table and jumping onto the couch. I stopped him several times, told him it wasn't safe and distracted him to prevent him from continuing. BUT you all know Trevor and as soon as my back was turned while vacuuming, he climbed up there and was doing it again. Evan said he got on the end table and backed up to get a running start and backed right off the end of the table. This is when I think he broke it. He cried a little more than normal but he hadn't napped good that day or the day before so I thought he might be a little extra tired and it was at the end of the day.

About an hour later we met several other families at a local rock climbing wall for Family Home Evening (for the older kids and dads). Trevor was running around and I could tell he wasn't 100% but nothing stood out as being wrong. I just thought he was tired. While running around in the climbing wall place, he fell again. It was a really weird, twisting, awkward fall. He could have broken it then. But again, he cried and then stopped and continued playing. We all went out for ice cream afterwards and he ran with the other kids. No one noticed anything.

We came home, changed him into pj's (not a single cry of discomfort or anything) and put him to bed. He woke up at 1 am saying he was hungry so I got him some bread and milk and was holding him when he threw up all over me. I mean all over me! I thought he had gotten the flu and was thinking we were going to have to tell Roger that we were sick and was so sad we would miss their visit.

We changed him into clean pj's and again, not a single flinch or cry as if anything hurt. So at this point, his arm is not even on my "mom radar." He had showed no signs that anything was wrong with it. I just thought he was sick. 

When we got up the next morning, I put my left hand down to hold his right hand while we went down the stairs. I remember very vividly the look he gave me and then used his left arm to help raise his right hand to me. This is when my mom radar picked up that something wasn't right with his right arm. Every time I handed him something he used his left hand to grab it. I very carefully and gently squeezed his right arm trying to see if he would jump or cry out when I touched it. Nothing. I called Kurt and told him that I thought something was wrong but I didn't think it was broken because he let me touch it and wasn't crying. I put Trevor on my bed with a sippy of milk and had him watch a movie with Evan while I showered. At one point Evan moved to the foot of my bed and Trevor followed suit. Except when he crawled down there he only used his 2 legs and his left arm and did a 3-point crawl. Something was seriously wrong.

Kurt came home and we decided that yes, something was definitely not right. I called a friend who is a PA and asked him what we should do. I didn't want to go to the ER because I don't like the ER (who does, right?) so we decided that urgent care would be best since they could take the x-rays there. We got him dressed and again, nothing when I moved his arm. I was there when Med 7 opened and we were seen pretty quickly. 

The doctor came in, asked his questions and squeezed his arm just like Kurt and I had done. No response. The dr. was thinking that he sprained it really good but would take x-rays just to be safe. The dr. and the x-ray tech were shocked that he had broken both bones just above the wrist. They couldn't believe that he wasn't crying, especially when someone touched his arm.

So they wrapped him up like this:

And gave him an arm sling.

Ok, I just have to say - What were they thinking? An almost 2 year old with an arm sling. Ya, that lasted 2 whole seconds! But it was pretty cute.

They said that we needed to make an appointment with his primary and that was schedule for 3:30 that afternoon. So we came home and napped.

His primary referred us to an orthopedic. We could either call and make an appointment or go in as a walk in. With Roger showing up the next day, I thought we should get it taken care of right away so we walked in. The wait wasn't tooooo bad but this was the 3rd doctors office T had been in that day. He was a little restless, which made it seem worse.

So this is what we have now: 

A little boy trying to learn how to be a lefty.

Wednesday, he was sooooooo frustrated! He couldn't ride his bike, he couldn't ride his scooter, he couldn't pogo stick. Oh, he was FRUSTRATED! He cried a lot, poor baby. (I had him on meds for the pain).

He tried to convince us that he was very capable of doing all those things. I love this outfit. Helmet, no clothes and rain boots. He is ready to play!

"What broken arm, mom?"

So we have been doing a lot of this:

Playing inside, reading books, playing with new toys I bought him hoping to entertain him, playing on the ipad with big brother. Our summer plans have definitely been altered. July 31st can't come soon enough - that is cast removal day. Only 17 more days, not that I'm counting or anything!

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