July 21, 2013

Fun with Cousins

We had the wonderful pleasure of having Kurt's cousin, Roger, and his family come stay with us. We were so excited when they called and asked if they could come visit us - we couldn't wait for the time to come for them to get here.

They arrived Wednesday, July 3rd, the day after I spent running Trevor around getting x-rays and getting his cast on. Since I unexpectedly spent that day running around, I wasn't as ready as I wanted to be when they got here but some things just can't be helped. Luckily it wasn't a big deal.

They arrived at the end of a major heat wave we were having here. The day they arrived it was 110. They live in Washington state where, I think, they said their high is normal around 80. Welcome to California! Hot, sweaty California! 


We went to a church breakfast at a park. The kids got to decorate their scooters or bikes for a kid parade. Unfortunately, humidity was added to the heat that morning. It was quite uncomfortable, bearable but uncomfortable. They asked if our weather was always like that. No, definitely not. 

Little T folding his arms for prayer.

Such a sweet boy!

This is Charlotte. She is Roger and Veronique's youngest at 4. Isn't she a cutie?

Getting ready for the parade.

After the breakfast we went home and collapsed in the air conditioned house and relaxed for a little bit. Then the Mickelsen's invited us over to go swimming and we couldn't resist. Then it seems like we did something after that but I can't remember so . . . on to Friday!


We had planned on going on the boat but with Trevor's cast I thought that was out but Kurt came up with the idea to get a babysitter to stay with T. Luckily we were able to find one last minute so off to the lake we went.

Roger and Charlotte

We went up the north fork to the 5 mile an hour zone and let the kids play and swim. The water was wonderful! The heat wave had warmed the lake up to a perfect temp. I even got in the water - that is saying something!

This is Jacob.

After we had lunch and enjoyed the water, we got to playing . . .

First we started off with some slow tubing with Evan and Eliza.

Then Roger and Jacob got in the tube and fun really began:

After they were done tubing, Jacob wanted to try knee boarding. He had never tried it before and he got up on his second try. He did a GREAT job! He was like a pro!

Then Veronique water skied. She also did a GREAT job and looked like a pro!

Jacob got to drive heading back in.


After spending Thursday and Friday in the sun, we were all wiped out. We couldn't decide what to do on Saturday so we made a list and voted. And then the parents kind of over ruled the results because we didn't have the energy to go to a local water park (i.e. be in the heat and sun all day) or go on a hike (i.e. be in the heat and sun all day). So we decided to go pick blackberries near our house.

There is a creek and we walked down the creek (in the shade and cool water) and picked blackberries.

The kids ended up swimming. They just couldn't resist.

The only way to keep T and his cast out of the water.

Miss Cutie Charlotte

All going for the same clump of blackberries.

Roger and Veronique.

The adults went out on a double date that night while Kayla babysat. We got to have real adult conversations. Amazing!


We went to church and then after dinner we decided to take dessert to the Sacramento Temple. It was beautiful. I think it was Sunday (or maybe it was Saturday) that the weather returned to normal. Cool mornings, hot during the day and then wonderful cool evenings. Ahhh! Back to normal.

And T definitely wanted in the water.

Eliza and Hailey

Evan in a tree.

All the kids in the tree.

What cuties. Eliza, Charlotte and T.

Our whole group.

These are random photos from the week:

Evan and Charlotte were little buddies:

Their very own fort!

T tried to convince us he didn't have a broken arm and could do everything he wanted to do (and that the big kids were doing) like riding bikes and scooters.

The boys' fort.

Notice the disco ball? Yes, the baby shape sorter is their disco ball. Take one baby shape sorter, put a flash light inside, hang from your fort and spin it really fast and you have yourself a disco ball!

The girls' fort

Comfy and cozy.

One tired little boy.

Oh, look at that face! So precious!

What a fun week. We really, REALLY wish we were closer to our cousins.  It would be so fun to see them more often. Thank you Roger and Veronique for coming down to visit us. We had a great time and miss you guys!

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