October 29, 2012

Wedding Pictures!!!!

Here are the pictures of my dad's wedding!

It was a beautiful day and everything went perfectly.

Me pinning the flower on my Grandma (dad's mom)

Karen's niece played the flute as they walked down the aisle. It was really pretty. 

Here is my dad and his best man, Uncle Scott.

Wedding ceremony:

The Happy Newlyweds!

Our Little Family

My grandma, Dad and Karen

Karen's daughter, Lorraine, was her Maid of Honor

Here are our new brothers and sisters! And cousins!

Karen has 4 children. Lorraine is the youngest (left in the coral dress), Kirk is just to the left of Karen, Ryan is just to the right of my dad and Adam is just to the right of Ryan (in the front holding the little boy, who is actually on 3 weeks younger than Trevor).

They are one fun group!

Hailey and her new cousin, Sage.

At the reception:

You may or may not be looking at our Christmas picture this year so don't be surprised if this shows up again.

All of Karen's girls:

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The UnMaintained Family said...

Jenn, you look smoking hot in that dress!

Awwww, your dad looks so cute too...