October 16, 2012

I can't be sick! I can't be sick!

But it's official - I'm sick.

I have a fever and everything. Oh joy.

And it came so suddenly. My allergies have been bothering me the last few days but nothing bad. This morning I took an allergy pill because I was going with Evan's class on a field trip to the pumpkin patch and I was going to be outside with hay all over and thought an allergy pill would help. All day I have felt it get worse and worse and felt my energy just drain. I think it quickly morphed into a sinus infection because my head is now killing me.

Mom's just shouldn't be able to get sick. It's just not fair!

Or if we do get sick, there should be substitute moms. You know, someone to come in and keep the house running - to keep all the balls that I have just suddenly dropped, going. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Yes, that would definitely be awesome!

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