October 18, 2012

A Quick Little Camping Trip

Last weekend was the only "by" weekend in the kids soccer schedule so we made plans to get out of town. Since the kids had school and refused to miss it (yes, they didn't want to miss school - can you believe it?), we left Friday after school (they have mini days on Friday so it works out good). I just have to say that Friday to Sunday camping trips are just too fast. I prefer one more day but this was probably just perfect for what we could do right now.

We, of course, headed to our favorite spot, Dillon Beach. Pretty much all we did all weekend was eat, walk on the beach, eat, walk on the beach and sleep. It was AWESOME! Plus the weather was unbelievable! Usually down there it is cold but this weekend it was 77 on Saturday! More awesomeness!

The morning wake up crew was there:

Ok, is there anything cuter than a baby in a beanie?

Saturday morning walk and playing in the waves

Afternoon walk

Trevor loved exploring

I don't know what in the world these things are called but Evan was obsessed with dragging them back to camp during every walk on this trip. This one was HUGE! Evan is holding one end, Hailey the middle and Kayla the other end. Plus, those things are heavy. And guess who got to take over when Evan got tired of dragging it all the way back to camp? Me. Because I'm an awesome mom like that! (And Kurt was already caring the baby, so . . .)

The only star fish we could get a really good picture of

This is one of the funniest stories (and by that I mean that I am probably the only one who thinks it's funny). On the way home we stopped for lunch and noticed in a parking lot a monster truck. Now anyone who knows Evan knows the boy loves monster trucks. His birthday party that he just had was monster truck themed (and by that I mean I bought some plates with monster trucks on them. Probably no one knew it was monster truck themed). Well, we HAD to go check it out and guess what? They were selling rides in the monster truck!!!! 

The guy "selling" the rides had to be the dirtiest guy I have ever seen. Looked like he had spent his entire life outside, under a vehicle maybe and never showered. He was pretty scuzzy looking plus his "sales" pitches were pretty pathetic (one of the pitches was that it was a fund raiser for the boy scouts. Ok, so I don't know about you but anytime I have ever seen a boy scout fund raiser, I have seen boy scouts around. There were NO boy scouts anywhere to be found. Just saying.)

So we said we would have lunch and think about it. Well, there was no thinking needed for me - we had to do it. When is Evan EVER going to get another chance to ride in a monster truck? I mean COME ON! But Kurt said he didn't like the guy. I said "you are not doing it for the guy, you are doing it for Evan." Kurt said he didn't want to. I said "you are not doing it for you. You are doing it for Evan." I believe he had another excuse but I can't remember it. I told him to get his booty in the stinkin' monster truck! Ha ha ha! (See, isn't that funny?)

So we went back and paid the scuzzy guy the money and Hailey, Evan and Kurt rode in the monster truck. Kayla was scared out of her mind and didn't even want to stand next to it. You know, monster trucks have rather loud engines.

Here they are climbing aboard

All buckled up.
(Doesn't Kurt look thrilled?)

And they survived!

The guy drove it in 3 figure 8's, revved the engine a few times and swerved the steering wheel so they "bounced" on those big, huge tires. They had a good time and Evan can now say he rode in a monster truck.

It was a great weekend!

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