March 12, 2012

Monster Trucks

2 years ago (I think - time is flying too fast!), Kurt and 2 friends took their boys to the Monster Truck Show here in Sac. This year they decided to go again.

But now their Monster-Truck-Loving-Posse had grown.
5 dads and 6 boys went this time.

From farthest to closest:
Marty and Nik
Dan, Zach and Brody,
Doug and Lincoln,
Erik and Hunter.

They had a great time.
We decided last minute (of course, do we ever plan anything in advance? NO!) to do dinner at our house for everyone. So 5 families (10 adults and 16 kids) were in our house. It was a bit crazy but I think everyone got fed.

Then the girls shooed all the boys out. And while the boys were away, the girls must play. At least that was the title of the text I sent everyone. It was more talking, watching the little ones and cleaning than playing but we got girl talk in so it was fun. But of course we didn't take any pictures! Bummer! O-well, I guess we need to do it again =)

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