March 24, 2012

Buried Treasure #1 ~ Hawaii style

When I was cleaning out the kitchen a few months ago, I stumbled across some old film. You know, the archaic kind that you had to load into your camera, use a whole roll, take it out, take it to the store, wait for it to be developed, and pick it up before you could actually SEE how the pictures turned out. We are talking ancient stuff here!

Well, I found 5 rolls. F-I-V-E. And we had NO idea what was on them. They had been up on that top kitchen shelf for quite awhile. So then I had to decide if I wanted to go through the trouble to develop them, which, of course, I did, and then I had to hope that they would still develop. So off to Walmart I went.

Did you know that you can no longer do one hour photo for old-school film? They don't even develop it there anymore. Talk about times changing! I had to send it out the really old fashioned way. Then I had to wait 6 days for it to come back. I seriously forgot about it. This really showed me how I have become use to "instant" things in our society. Luckily I kept the little tags from the envelopes in the car and I found them one day. So back to Walmart I went to get my buried treasure.

3 of the 5 rolls didn't develop. We will never know what was on those. Kind-of sad BUT we did get some good stuff from the others.

One roll had pictures from our trip to Hawaii we took with my parents in 2007. When I saw the first picture and realized it was from that trip, I was praying that there were some pictures of my mom with the kids. That would have been so awesome but there weren't. Bummer.

But there were pictures of this adventure in Hawaii:
Kurt and I did a trail ride on these ATV's. To this day Kurt still wants one. And wants one BAD.

Here is me being the "cool" wife that I am. Those goggles were HOT! And by HOT I mean they completely covered my whole face. Look at the size of those compared to the size of my face. Crazy!
Like our "dirt" apparel? They were clothes loaned to us by the company so that our regular clothes didn't get dirty. Mine were about a billion sizes too big. I felt completely ridiculous but we had a great time. And, I am proud to say, that my husband was not the husband that rolled the ATV.
So fun to find buried treasure!

Stay tuned for more buried treasure reveals.
Including the one about the time the Mexican Mafia was after us!

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