March 12, 2012

Big Brother Rules!

Trevor loves Evan. He loves his sisters too but I think Evan is special to him. I can't wait til he is older and I can watch my boys be boys together. As it is right now, they have fun together but I think when Trev is riding bikes, scooters and skateboards, it will be so cute. Evan can't wait to teach him all the "cool things" boys do.

I can't believe Trevor is 8 months old already. He is just growing WAY TOO FAST!

He is a crawling machine now. He is so fast and is all over the downstairs. Last night we lost him for the first time. Someone left the bathroom door open and he was in there playing with the shower curtain (and thankfully not the toilet). He just disappears so quickly now.

He is also pulling up on things. He suddenly seems to be determined to try to walk because he keeps trying to crawl but he wants to use his feet and not his knees, silly boy.

Here are some videos of my boys having fun together.

Big brothers are the best!

Ok, after 3 failed attempts to load the videos, I gave up. So sorry, no videos for you. Bummer! To make it up to you, I will post more posts. Which by this point, you have already read, so just know those were consolation prizes =)

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