March 23, 2012

Living Book Fair

A few months ago the kids' school but on a Living Book Fair. Each grade level selected a novel that they had read so far and then they decorated their classroom based on the book. The kids loved it!

I had signed up to work the book fair that was going on that week and picked the evening shift thinking "perfect, Kurt will be home to watch the kids" but it turned out to be the exact time as the Living Book Fair. Apparently my brain didn't put 2 and 2 together to figure that out! Oh well. I missed going to all the classroom but I did get to see the kids' quickly before my shift started. Plus, I got to work a cash register with a bar scanner - so FUN!

The upper grades did a flash mob several times in the book fair room. The first time kind of scared us but after that we knew what they were doing. It was so great to see even teenagers get excited about books.

Evan's class:

They then had butterflies that the kinders had made all hanging from the ceiling. It was really cute!

Hailey's class:
Miss Honey, the librarian:
Isn't she the cutest librarian ever??!!

Kayla's class:
They did Sign of the Beaver. They also had a huge tent in the room with crinkled paper bags to look like a hut-thing. It was really cool.
This was the wall that they could do their own cave wall drawings.

Over all the night was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed all the classrooms and the book fair was crazy busy. We were swamped the whole night! I think their goal was to hit $4,000 but they exceeded $7,000! Woo Hoo!

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