July 13, 2011

Trevor has arrived!

Everything went really good for the delivery. We showed up at 10 am and they started the pitocin at 11:20. When they broke my water at 1pm, I told them that my last 2 deliveries went really fast after they broke my water but that I had been about 6 cm and this time I was only 2.5 - 3. So they got everything ready expecting me to take off and deliver quickly. But that's not what happened. I got stuck at 4-5 all day long!

The only hiccup in the day was that my first epidural didn't work. It only numbed my right leg from the hip down and I could still feel every contraction. So after an hour of trying to make adjustments, they decided to redo it. The second one was awesome and worked great! I was comfortable all day as we waited for things to happen.

Looking back now, I know the problem and why things weren't progressing like we wanted. My mom and dad had been at all the deliveries of all my babies and this day my dad was at work, not being able to take any more time off. He said he would come by after work to see Trevor but when he got off work, I was still a 4-5 and not progressing. We didn't know how long it would take for Trevor to be born so my dad decided that he would come by in the morning before work to see him.

But a little bit later, my dad was inspired that he should come to the hospital so he called us to let us know he was on his way. My dad walked in the room and I called the nurse in because the contractions had changed and when she came in and checked, I was ready to deliver. They called the dr. to come in. We had to wait 30 minutes for the dr. to arrive and just a few minutes later Trevor was born. We joked that he was just waiting for Papa to arrive but seriously, I think it was true. I know without a doubt my mom was there. We just had to wait for Papa to be there too so both my parents could be there for Trevor's arrival. So special!

Here is Papa:

Me and Trevor. This hospital is really big on skin-to-skin right after birth and any time there after. I absolutely loved cuddling with him.
The kids came down a little bit later. To say they were excited would be a total understatement. They were beyond thrilled! I love Hailey and Evan's faces! Kayla was just as excited but you just can't see her.
Big Sis Kayla:
Big Sis Hailey:
And introducing, for the first time, BIG Brother Evan:
My Little Man:
I guess I really shouldn't call him my "little" man.
He was by far my biggest baby at 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 20" long.

Cousin Sierra:
My Life Savers:
Dad & Julie
They drove in Monday afternoon and have been staying with us and helping with the kids. They have been AMAZING! I will truly be grateful for a really long time!

Our family of 6!
Uncle Rick came to visit.
So precious!
Daddy and his boy!

Ready to go home.
Our welcome home sign.
Papa and Uncle Bryan

Auntie April
Big Sis Kayla
Boy, do we love this little boy!


Honor said...

I bet you're glad to be done. Congrats!!

Truman Family said...

Oh!! I want to be there with you guys. Your family is so beautiful. Congratulations. Jenny