July 1, 2011

Baby Update

So I went to the dr yesterday and there has actually been some change. Woo Hoo! This is the earliest I have been 2 cm dilated so maybe, just maybe, I MIGHT do this on my own. That is a very big "might."

Tonight I had spicy (meaning pepperoni) pizza and then took a walk with the kids. So far . . . nothing.

The kids keep rubbing my belly and bribing Trevor to come out. If this boy plays his cards right, he could have some pretty good deals waiting for him when he arrives!

The good news is that the dr. said if I was still prego at the end of next week that he would induce me. Woo Hoo!

The not so great news is that the hospital that I am delivering at has an interesting induction reputation. The dr said he tried to call to get someone in yesterday and they didn't have an opening until Tuesday of next week. Hmmmm . . . 5 days later? Interesting. I have a friend who's sister went in to be induced and was admitted and given the iv and then nothing. They got to busy to induce her so she sat there for 24 hours before they actually induced her. Interesting.

The other kicker is that my dr is on vacation until next Thursday. I have an appt on Friday to see him but if he calls Friday to schedule me, I may not get in til the following week. He said he would call Wednesday to schedule it but is he really going to remember? Probably not.

So, Trevor, if we could just do this on our own, that would be great. What do you say?

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