July 9, 2011

Still Prego

Yep, I am still pregnant.

I have given up on the hope that my body is going to go into labor on it's own. I have done all the things everyone says to try. Not the crazy stuff like drinking castor oil but the natural stuff like walking, climbing stairs, etc. and nothing is happening.

I thought my body was trying to go on it's own because I was having contractions all the time and my tummy was not happy. Nothing stayed in too long but it turns out that there was a tummy bug going around and I probably had that since now I'm fine.

We went to the dr. on Friday and after all those contractions I had all week, nothing had changed. NOTHING! I am exactly the same as the week before. Are you kidding me? Fine, I give up.

The dr. said we had 2 options: 1) wait and see if anything happens or 2) induce. Gee, with option 1 I might just be pregnant FOREVER so we chose option 2. We have a Monday induction date. 2 more days.

So I am trying to enjoy my last few days of quiet with a wiggly belly. I am trying to appreciate and treasure the last few days of feeling his movements from the inside because soon he won't be there anymore.

I am just praying that they don't bump me on Monday. PLEASE DON'T BUMP ME!

I guess if they do, it is what it is and it will be fine. Everything works out for a reason and if I am meant to be pregnant forever, than it is what it is! Ha ha!

I spent the morning making meals and freezing them and washing our sheets. I even tempted fate and took a nap on our mattress without the mattress pad on. "Gee, I hope my water doesn't break while I am sleeping on our unprotected mattress." Ya, no luck. O-well.

So, here's to Monday, an easy delivery and a healthy baby. I can't wait to meet you Trevor.


The Gardener said...

How did you stay so thin? We are so excited for you and hope all goes well on Monday. We will keep you in our prayers. And believe it or not I am a little jealous. - Jenny

Honor said...

Monday is a great day for a birthday ... 7/11/11 ... hope it goes well for you!

(I'm wishing I could have Isla on Monday too.)