June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend was Memorable

We went camping for Memorial Weekend and, as usual, we had no reservations. Gotta love just winging it. Ok, the dad's like just winging it. The moms? Not so much. I thought we had a site but as we were driving out of town I was informed that we "knew" of some sites but that we didn't "have" a site. Lovely. Turns out it worked out just fine but still, I don't like the unknown. The site was a first-come-first-serve-dry camping site and we were the only ones there Thursday night.

Friday we got up and went to Mercer Caverns in Murphy. It is 16 stories down and 16 stories back up. Luckily they stop a bit on the way up to show you different things so you get to rest.

Here we are going down into the cave:

Evan in the cave
As you come out of the cave, they had you bumper stickers.
You can see where Kurt stuck his.
At least it didn't say "wide load" or something.
Friday night we spent in the ER with Evan.
He gets really congested when the weather changes from warm to rainy and that has been the crazy weather we have been having here in CA. Warm then rainy, then warm, then rainy. A few days before we left, it was rainy again and he was congested. Friday night his cough got more persistent and hacking. During dinner he wasn't acting like he felt good and it looked like he was having a little trouble breathing (he was laying on my lap and his stomach/chest looked like his breathing was labored). When I laid with him to put him to bed, his breathing was really fast and shallow. I called Kurt in and he didn't like it either. We decided to take him to a dr. Turns out the closest ER was 45 minutes away. So at 9:15 pm we left for the ER. Arrived at 10 pm. Got in triage at 10:30 and his oxygen level was low (you know the little finger thingy they put on). Not dangerous low but lower than it should have been. We got into a room at 11 pm. Then we sat and sat and sat until 1 am when the dr. finally came in. He listened to his breathing and called a respiratory therapist. He gave him a breathing treatment. The dr. thought he sounded better but still congested so he ordered x-rays. The 1st set was cloudy and they thought he might have pneumonia. They took a 2nd set, this time with his pjs and sweatshirt opened and they came back totally clear. They think he has asthma so they gave us an inhaler and told us to follow up with his primary. We left a little after 3 and arrived back at our trailer at 4 am. We were a bit tired the next day, to say the least. We just hung out at camp and napped.

Here's Cody just hanging out.
Here is the little boy feeling better.
Sunday we went to Calaveras Big Trees State Park and walked on the trail. It is a really easy walking trail that is 1.5 miles long and takes you through some amazing trees. Absolutely beautiful!

Here is our group standing on top of a HUGE tree trunk that was cut down.
We were here exactly 2 years ago but then there was no snow. This time, a little snow.
Kayla and a massive tree.
Hailey playing in a tree.
Walking in a tree.
My man in a tree.
This was a tree recently hit by lightning. It was amazing to see the force that exploded the tree. Mother Nature is powerful!
On the way home we went past our camp site and further up the road to see what was there. We found some beautiful waterfalls.
Our journey ended when the snow overruled the road. Of course, the kids had to get out and play.
When we got back to our camp site, we walked the trail that goes along the river. Absolutely beautiful, again.
Hailey picked up a slug.
We had a great time but I am exhausted.

Now it is time to focus on getting ready for Trevor. Only 5 weeks left! Hopefully more - if he is like his siblings. They were all late and I am hoping he will be too.

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