June 7, 2011

It’s about time for me to place my order

Yes, I would like to order 1 scheduled induction sometime after July 6th, preferably on an even day (all my kids are odd months and even days). I would like it to be pain free with no pushing. Thank you very much and I look forward to receiving my order.

Now, don’t you laugh! Just such a delivery exists - I have had one. And I would REALLY like another.

Kayla’s birth was not like that . . . at all. I have mentioned before that she was 2 weeks late and when I was admitted into the hospital to be induced, I was dilated to a 0. Yep, nothing was happening. They warned me that it would be a rough battle. We wanted to go “natural” but by the time I got to 5 cm, I was loosing it. I had tried walking, the ball, the shower, etc. and I was at my breaking point so I got an epidural. Hello, epidural! I love you! By the time she was born, I had been pushing for 2 hours, they had turned my epidural off at some point and I was feeling everything again, I was throwing up, Kayla’s heart rate was dropping and they were threatening an emergency c-section. As a last attempt they used the vacuum to help delivery her and she was born. No wonder this kid has anxiety - her entry into this world was anything but calm.

Hailey’s birth was much better. She was due November 2nd and on the night of November 3rd, I woke up at about 11 pm thinking “oh man, I have to go to the bathroom and I really don’t want to get up.” I was laying there trying to convince myself to get up and go when I felt a little gush, not enough to get the bed wet but enough to make me jump up. I honestly thought my bladder had leaked. I was mortified to say the least. Thank goodness I have a husband who sleeps through everything! I got up, went potty and changed. Then I noticed that I was damp again. Hmmm. Brain started thinking about this. You always hear of the water breaking as a big flash flood but I had a trickle. Could it be my water leaking? I woke Kurt up. Now you need to know that Kurt will do anything for anybody at anytime . . . but if it is in the middle of the night, you need to get the boy to wake up first - good luck. I shook him and said “I think my water is leaking.” His response (without even budging) “your fine, go back to sleep.” So I changed again and sat there. Sure enough, I was damp again. Tried again to wake him and got “your fine, go back to sleep.” At this point I just called L&D. That woke him up! We went in and they looked at me like I was making it up. It took a little bit but finally they did believe me. I wasn’t having any contractions but since my water had “broken” they had to keep me. They had me walk the halls and finally at some point, they started the pitocin. I knew this time I wanted an epidural and so when they said the Epidural God was down the hall and asked if I wanted mine, I said “YES!” The greatest part was that the contractions weren’t hurting yet. So I got my epidural. At about 8 am, the dr. came in and I was at about 6 cm. She broke the rest of my water since it hadn’t fully broken. I called my parents (who were with Kayla) and said that it would be a couple of hours and they could come whenever they wanted and then I told Kurt to go get some breakfast from the cafeteria. I was all alone when I felt a weird pressure. I buzzed the nurse who came in and checked me. She started running around. “Don’t cough, sneeze, laugh, or move. The baby is right there and we need to get the dr back.” Um, what? I called Kurt on his cell and told him to come back RIGHT NOW and then I called my parents and told them to hurry to the hospital (they were suppose to be there when she was born). I swear, people come out of the walls when you have a baby. All of the sudden the room was full of people. Kurt came running in after leaving his breakfast in the cafeteria and in 2 pushes, Hailey was born. My parents missed it by seconds. They came in just as Kurt was cutting the cord. What a difference from Kayla’s delivery. Hailey wants me to add that Kurt didn’t get to drink his hot chocolate and to this day, he always tells Hailey on her birthday that she owes him a hot chocolate. She is his “hot chocolate” baby.

Now, Evan’s delivery was the best. I was induced because I was overdue. We checked in and I immediately told anyone who came into my room that “yes, I do want the epidural.” When the dr. came in, I made sure he knew too but his answer was “you have to be in active labor.” When he left, I looked at Kurt and with pure panic in my face (as he retells the story) I said “active labor? But that might hurt.” He said “well, your having a baby. What did you expect?” Honestly, I expected Hailey’s delivery - the no pain method. This ‘active labor’ stuff sounded crazy. But as it worked out, the contractions weren’t hurting when they finally offered me my epidural. Awesome! So I got the epidural and then the rest of the day we relaxed. Seriously. We were prepared this time. We rented movies the night before and brought Kurt’s lap top. I slept all day and Kurt watched movies. The dr would come in and sit next to Kurt on the couch, put his feet up on a chair and ask “what are we watching now?” or “how long do you think I can hide in here before they find me?” It was great. I think I was the most checked on patient that day! Evan was the same - I was about 6 cm when they broke my water and I delivered in about 10-15 minutes. I felt that weird pressure and called the nurse. Of course, it had to be right when the nurses where changing their shifts and no one was available to come in. I kept buzzing the nurses and when one finally came in, she did the same thing. “Don’t move, breathe, sneeze, cough or laugh. The baby is right there.” So the dr came in and Evan just came out. I didn’t even push. See - pain free and no pushing. Awesome.

So that is what I am going for. A replay of Evan’s delivery.


Pretty Please!

With a cherry on top!

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