June 27, 2011

Ok . . . I'm Done!

I love you Trevor but it is time for you to GET OUT!

Momma needs her body back! PLEASE!

Unfortunately, according to my last two dr. appts, it doesn't look like Trevor or my "baby baker" is in any hurry to deliver. Soooo, he will probably follow in his siblings footsteps and go over due.

I have 9 days until my due date and then the dr. will probably have me go past that and then the weekend falls in there so . . . I guess we are looking at at least 14 more days. At least 2 more weeks. Seriously? (Honor, you are probably going to have Isla before I have Trevor!)

I just don't know if the rest of me can make it!

I have swelling like I have never had before.

I have heartburn like crazy.

My legs and arms feel heavy.

I have no energy.

My legs hurt.

My hips hurt.

My back hurts.

Every time I eat, I feel sick.

I am not sleeping. (I know - getting ready for when he is born but come on, I'M TIRED!)

I know, I know - all normal end of pregnancy joys. It is just so hard when you are tired and done.

Kurt so nicely pointed out to me that I am older with this pregnancy. Nice honey. Those are some pretty dangerous words to say to an exhausted prego lady. Good thing I am too tired to come over there and kick your booty!

I have tried so hard not to whine to Kurt because he has been working soooo hard. He has been so busy and stressed that I haven't wanted to bother him. So I just keep going like nothing is wrong. I just keep doing all the things that need to be done. I just keep going. But I have to say that I think I am just about done. I think this is the week when my body is going to say "no more!" So if you stop by my house it is likely to be a mess and the laundry is likely to be all over but oh-well. I can only do so much and right now the "much" isn't very much.

Ok, so on to more happy things. Here is what we have been up to lately.

Here is me at 38 weeks 2 days (last Friday):

I have been blessed with 2 wonderful baby showers. I have the most wonderful friends and family and they have just been so generous! I think I have everything we need for Trevor and I think it is all ready. The only thing I need to do is test out the car seat in the car but other than that, everything is ready. I haven't gotten all the pics from the baby showers yet. When I do, I will post them.

We have been doing a lot of this (first video) and Kurt taught Evan how to do this last weekend (2nd video):

Ya, he is only 5.

We got to see Brittany and baby Kennedy on Friday. Kennedy is almost 4 months old and is so cute!

Evan was so excited to hold Kennedy. He can't wait to be a big brother. He asks me everyday, several times a day "when is Trevor going to be born?"

If only I knew Ev. If only I knew!

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Honor said...

you look fabulous! and maybe I could have Isla the day AFTER you have Trevor. :)