August 18, 2010

Naughty, Naughty

I got busted - again.

I am still not even drinking 1/2 of the amount of liquids I should be.


Why is it so hard to drink so much?
(Said in my whiniest voice possible)


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The UnMaintained Family said...

Shame on you! Jenn, you NEED to do this!! Here's what I do, start each morning, even before breakfast, with a glass of water - a reasonable sized glass. Finish it before breakfast. Then grab a small bottle to carry with you around the house or office and slowly work on finishing a bottle before each meal. After three days, then you've made yourself a habit of it. Pretty soon, your body will be demanding water on a regular basis. But you gotta start that habit. And it's a good habit to start! (It's probably the only healthy habit I do...)