August 23, 2010

Mystery Eyes

A few weeks ago I was going up stairs to go to bed and as I passed the toy room, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

I looked into the toy room and this is what I saw:
It looked like 2 eyes staring at me.
I froze and tried to rationally figure out what it was.

I busted up laughing once I figured it out
(aka: once I was finally brave enough to walk over and flip the light switch on).

Can you tell?
(Oh, and please excuse the messy toy room. It hadn't been picked up in awhile. And this was before it was turned into a school room. Now it stays much cleaner).

2 little beady eyes, it's got to be a critter!
So could you tell?

Was your first guess a toy truck that had it's head lights stuck on?
You are so smart!

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