September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to MY MAN!

Today is Kurt's birthday!


Every year his birthday falls during a Fall Home Show and he has to work on his birthday; but not this year! FINALLY his birthday fell before the show so he could celebrate. YES!

But unfortunately, the poor guy woke up sick this morning! Man, what a bummer! The kids have had a cold since Sunday and he got it on his birthday - what a birthday present! He has already asked for a rain check on his birthday - Hmmmm - I wonder if he may be trying to milk an extra day? Ha ha! Usually he claims the whole month of September as "It is my birth month, you know"!

Kurt is an amazing person! I am so blessed to be married to him! He is always happy, funny, confident, positive and ready to have fun! He is a dreamer - he never stops thinking of the next thing; whether it is work or play. He likes to wakeboard, mountain bike, jet ski, snow ski, pretty much anything athletic (this is where Evan gets his skills from - he didn't get one lick from me!)

Kurt's dream gift this year would be a rhino. No not an animal but a 4 wheel drive, supped up golf cart looking thing for trails. He would love to have one of those and cruise all over the mountains with his family. If anyone has one of those just laying around, let me know!

So in honor of Kurt, here are some pics of my other birthday boy:

Tubin' with his girls
Jet Skiing
(or wave running - what ever it's called)
Oh, ya, Costa Vida, Baby!
Oh man, a case of the sillies:
Happy Birthday to the most amazing man!
I love you and thank you for our wonderful family!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Kurt!

emily :) said...

Happy Birthday Cousin!! :) Hope you are feeling better soon!

Lisa and Brian said...

I have to say, without any disrespect to other fine cousins, that Kurt was the best cousin to play with growing up. He was patient and kind and always had lots of fun and interesting ideas. And he could always bring our ideas to life. He was great at building anything! And he was thoughtful. I remember when we were about 5 or 6 years old, we went trick or treating together and Jenny was about 3 years old and was too sick to go. Kurt came home and gave all of his candy to Jenny without anyone asking him to share. I've remembered that my whole life. Happy Birthday to Kurt!