October 1, 2009

I REFUSE to get sick!

I don't know what we have but we have a bug. The kids have missed school all week and Kurt has been in bed on his "death bed" (as he would call it) for 2 days. Up til yesterday, I have been able to avoid it but then the head ache started, the tingly throat started and then last night the joint aches started.

But who is there to fill in for mom? No one. Will I get to spend 2 days just laying in bed? Nope.

Dad has to go back to work ASAP as the guys have been running without him for 2 days and they have been setting up for a home show this weekend. Kurt is always very stressed out during home show set up and being sick in the middle of it hasn't helped.

And being that there is a home show this weekend, that means that I am going to be a "single" parent for the next 4 days. So . . .

I refuse to get sick.




Lisa and Brian said...

I can tell you what the bug is from reading about the symptoms. It's the flu and 98% of flu cases this fall are swine flu. That's what our family had. My husband is in charge of containing swine flu cases at his hospital so we know a lot about it. Sleep, drink fluids and stay home. Good luck and I hope people feel better soon! I know it stinks and seems to last forever.

Forever Green said...

Hi Jenn! Did you all survive? I hope everyone is feeling better! Love ya!