September 20, 2009

Plan D wins again!

Saturday started off like every other day.

I had plans - A, B and C, to be exact.
A) Rearrange and organize the office
B) Pay bills
C) Laundry

However when our friends called to see if we wanted to take the kids to the lake for a little bit, plan D quickly came in and took over! Kurt will not pass up any opportunity to take the boat out and does not like to go to the lake without it so a boating trip was VERY QUICKLY put together.

As Kurt would say - it is all about balance - let's see - we worked for 2 hours in the morning in the office and then spent about 8 on the lake - ya, that is about balanced to me!! Ha ha ha!

We had an amazing time!

The kids got to play in the sand:

Avery is just like our Kayla, can't get enough of the mud!
Neither could the dads!
See, mud-mermaid Kayla
Me and my kiddos

And the adults got to play on the water:

My man on the wakeboard!
I don't know what came over me but I decided to try wakeboarding again. I haven't tried it in YEARS, like 9 or 10, but I had the sudden urge to try again. And look, I DID IT!!
I am so proud of myself! I usually don't enjoy anything like this but I think I may be hooked. And I don't think I will have any trouble convincing Kurt to take the boat out and go again.
Rebecca knee-boarding

It was a great day - the water was great, the weather was great, the lake was great, the food was great. We need to do spontaneous boat trips more often!

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emily :) said...

What a fun day! Plan D is always better! My husband has always wanted a boat!! He is an avid water-skier, but is content with bumming rides from others until we can get our Expedetion paid for...too bad we don't live closer! ;)