August 28, 2009

We went to see a puppy!

During my searching I have not been able to find any puppies close to us and I really didn't want to drive to So Cal. Well yesterday we hit the jackpot. I called a lady that does agility dog training that Kurt did work for a few years ago. She had 2 friends with black lab puppies - NICE! So I called both of them. One lived 5 minutes from our house and the other 1.5 hours away. The one that lives close had only 1 left, a boy, and he was ready to go home and the one further away had 2 girls that were only 4 weeks old so they wouldn't be ready for 4 more weeks. So last night we went to "see" a puppy.

Ya, right, whatever "see"

Meet the newest member of our family:

9 weeks old

He did really good last night - meaning - NO ACCIDENTS! He got up every 2.5 - 3 hours and I took him out and he did his thing and back to bed. I think we got a smarty!

Just for the record:
I am not the only one crazy over this little guy,
Kurt was the one who:
- wouldn't leave the breeders without a puppy (she wanted us to "think" about it)
- cuddled the puppy into his neck and held him for quite awhile at the breeders house
- cuddled him all the way home - I had to drive
- suggested at the 1:30 am potty break that we should put a towel in our bed and put him between us (which we didn't do)

So I'm not the only softy!
But I can see who is going to need to be the disciplinarian!


emily :) said...

He is so darling! Congratulations! Kurt, what are you thinking?!? In bed with you?? :) Enjoy your newest addition!

Melissa said...

What a handsome little guy! We're thinking of getting a dog too. I don't know if I'm ready for that though.

Paul White said...

New Nick Name for Kurt!!

Compassionate Kurt!!

Enjoy the Puppy you will I know!!

Truman Family said...

Hi Aunt Jen!
Congradulations on the new addition to the family! Cody is so adorable! I wish we could get one just like him. Puppies are so cute! I'm glad you got one.
Jessica Truman