August 27, 2009

I'm caving!

Oh, man!

I think it is to the point that I want a puppy more than the kids.

What am I thinking? Logically I totally understand the work involved so why am I so excited to get one? I don't get it.

On Tuesday I drank a Mountain Dew - which I hardly ever do but I was exhausted. I drank it at 9 am (I know - gross so early but I needed to survive the rest of the day and so desperate times call for desperate measures).

Anyway, long story short, I was WIRED until 12 pm! That is like 15 hours later! I could NOT sleep. Caffeine and me just don't mix - obviously. So what did I do with all that time?

Searched for puppies!

Ya, big mistake. Since then I have hunted, searched, called, you name it.

I have become "obsessed" with finding a puppy.

Oh man, I need help!

Quick someone loan me a puppy or newborn baby! I need a reality check!

1 comment:

Andrew and Cori said...

You absolutely crack me up! Come borrow my newborn anytime you want- it's my least favorite stage... if only you didn't live so far away. :)