August 24, 2009

Are We Losing It?

Our 13 year old black lab past away last September and ever since then the kids have mentioned how much they miss Max and that they want another dog.

Even though both Kurt and I love, love, love dogs, we have really enjoyed:
* the lack of dog hair on EVERYTHING
* the absence of "messes" in the backyard
* that our yard isn't constantly being dug up
* that we can travel without having to find a dog sitter
* the police NOT showing up at our door after a report of a barking dog (just for the record, it wasn't Max!)

So why in the world would we be thinking of getting a puppy . . . or 2???!!!!

Are we losing it?

Maybe, but we also really miss:
* the "happy dance" that was performed whenever we came home
* the companionship

(Kurt with Max the day we brought him home from the emergency vet)

* the feeling of having a "watch dog" (although Max hid from any intruder - Kurt locked himself out one time and had to go in the backyard to "break-in" and couldn't find Max - he was hiding in the bushes because an "intruder" was in the yard - ha ha ha - ya, our watch dog! He sure could sound tough behind the front door though!)
* the "vaccum" that followed the kids around and cleaned up after them the instant food hit the floor (our kitchen floor is always a mess now!)
* the added joy that the additional family member brought to our family
* the added craziness that a dog brings to a family (are we sure about this one?)
* but mostly we miss this:

So the question is: WHAT ARE WE THINKING?

Right now life is simpler, easier, less crazy. Isn't simple better?

Why would we purposely add "craziness" to our life right now? Like running a business is this bleh economy isn't enough of a challenge! Like raising 3 wholesome kids in this messed up society isn't enough! Do we really need more?

Apparently we do. We have promised the kids that as soon as they earn enough points by doing chores, we will get them a puppy (or 2).

Let's hope it takes them awhile. So far, they are doing a pretty good job.

Darn responsible kids!

So keep your eyes and ears open - apparently we are in the market for a black lab puppy (or 2)!


emily :) said...

Lucky children! Poor parents :( If I can add my 2 cents... a pretty amazing breed is a Great Dane! Our Tulla is great and I really don't like dogs (nothing against them, just not crazy about the negative things that you listed). Also, for a reduced price tag the rescue places are great to work with for any breed. If you aren't familiar with dog rescue, they are kind people dedicated to a breed, so they are filled with knowledge and want to find the best dog for your family...actually it's more like they want to find the best family for their dogs :) Since my husband usually thinks more highly of dogs then people sometimes, I think understanding dogs and the different breeds, and the importance of finding the right dog for people has become a hobby for him, so if you have a question, Brian might be able to help :) Good Luck!

Andrew and Cori said...

Don't listen to Emily!! Actually, remember that first little bit she said: "poor parents". Think about how easy it is to leave your house right now for short (or long) trips without having to make arrangements for you dog. Think about having to house train another puppy (or 2) and the MESS that entails. You can see where I fall in the pet category... but, you already knew that from reading my blog, I suppose. Remember the fish incident?? Only bad things can come from having an animal... :) Sounds like you're already committed, however. Post pictures when it happens. My kids will love looking at them since it's as close as we will ever get to getting another pet. My poor, poor children....

Paul White said...

this might help you start fresh over

This is a quiz to help find the right dog that fits the family.

here is a run down of different breeds.

And of course Pet Insurance Needs to be considered for the Serious pet owner!!

Paul White said...

as a follow up to my post you may want to consider other breeds as you have small children and a black lab is not exactly their size unless you find a puppy and let it grow with the children. Introducing a Full Grown Dog that is big to small young children may have negative impacts on either party because one is not used to the other... Not saying the Children can't Handle a Max size Dog again however at that size it will take Lots of Patience and Time for the Dog to get used to the children and Vice Versa. As I am sure you Know that Children are not the only Beings that come loaded with Personality!!! and that is my Reasoning to say that it will take time if you go with a full grown Black Lab

Truman Family said...

Hi Aunt Jen!
I think that getting a dog would be fun, great, and a great idea, but then again, we've never had one. But I have been memorizing the "Encyclopedia of the Dog" from the local library.
If you see any black lab puppies, or any type of puppy, or there extra that still need a home call us and send us one... Just don't tell mom. I know my brothers and sisters will keep the secret.
Just kidding, still...
Jessica Truman